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Developers/Home Owners

Do you have a house that you would like to be taken off your land? We can do it and for the right homes we will pay you to let us take the home.

We will come and inspect your home and let you know if it is possible to relocate your home, We will then advertise the home on our website. We are flexible with time frames but the longer we have to advertise and sell your home the quicker the process will be once we have found a buyer. On average we will look at 3-6 months to have your home sold. 3-4 months to get removal permits, building permits and Vic Roads transport permits.

Please contact us Via the contact page and we can organise a meeting.

House Relocation Company

If you have a house to be removed or looking to relocate a house, simply call

0459 780 404 or contact us

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